EPICS Projects @ North Penn High School

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Since 2009, there have been many exciting endeavors that have taken place within the EPICS club at North Penn high School.  Below are just a few examples of the activities:

2016-2017: Communication Switches for Students with Severe Disabilities
NP Special Education Department  |  Communication Switch Research and Development

The North Penn High School the special education department is in need of communication switches. Communication switches are used by students who have trouble communicating with words. The switches mainly consist of a recording device, battery pack, on and off switch, volume control, and a single large button to activate the prerecorded message.

Problem Statement 1:
Speech buttons are too expensive and don't have the proper buttons available to ask all necessary questions.

Problem Statement 2:
Many students with disabilities at North Penn High School have difficulty communicating verbally.

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2016-2017: Advanced Clock Development team
North Penn High School Community  |  Advanced Clock Development

North Penn High school opened in 1971.  Many of the clocks and their corresponding control system often experience technical issues, such as, displaying the incorrect time or not working at all.  They are original to the building and are over 40 years old

Problem Statement 1:
Many clocks within North Penn High School are difficult to read and inconsistently display times.  Furthermore, there are three different time schedules depending upon the day.  The clocks can be innovated to show broader, more relevant information.

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2016-2017: Vacuum Sealed Pipes
Global Community  |  Vacuum Sealed Pipe Development
According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, claim payments by all insurance companies in the past decade for [water pipes freezing and breaking] have exceeded $4 billion SOURCE

Problem Statement 1:
Millions of dollars are spent in Pennsylvania alone repairing ruptured and cracked pipes due to freezing. Pipes are susceptible to freezing and there are currently a very limited methods available to prevent this high cost problem.

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2016-2017: North Penn High School App Development
North Penn High School Community  |  High School Application Development

North Penn High School is a large community with over 3500 individuals.  There are a multitude of schedules and important safety information that is housed in several different locations.  With the integration of several digital platforms to share information between teachers and students, efficient communication between the students and their teachers has become difficult to manage.  

Problem Statement 1:
Existing applications are buggy, hard to use, and have limited features.

Problem Statement 2:
Students have trouble communicating information between them and their teachers.

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NASA - Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Research
2015-2016 EPICS-NASA Research Team Members
Superhydrophobic Nanofiber Research
FiYi Adebekun, Anthony Brigidi, Engy Khoshit, Bryan Moed, Jared O’Neill, TJ Schmidt and Alex Vuong
Advisor: Mr. Michael Boyer

Students in the EPICS club (Engineering Projects in Community Service) at North Penn High School are currently working with students and professors from Montgomery County Community College as part of the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium (PSGC).

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Magnesium Air Fuel Cell research
Magnesium Air Fuel Cell (MAFC) Research Team Members
Brian Pilat, Matt Shaw

Students in the EPICS club (Engineering Projects in Community Service) at North Penn High School are researching alternative fuel sources.

EPICS club members, Brian Pilat and Matt Shaw, have a desire to create an energy systems that provides power to small communities in developing nations, areas in states of emergency where power has been lost or even in remote locations off of the power grid. 

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Energy Harvesting / Spinning Bike
Spinning Bike Cell Phone Charger Development
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Clean Air Council of Philadelphia / Drexel University:  Air Quality Monitoring
Air Quality Sensor Network Development
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Thermal Interface Materials (nanoTIMs)
Thermal Interface Material Development and Testing
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Tech Wednesdays
Open Research - Tech Wednesdays!
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