EPICS @ Purdue
2016-2017 North Penn Community: NPHS Advanced Application Development
Team Members

North Penn High School is a large community with over 3500 individuals.  There are a multitude of schedules and important safety information that is housed in several different locations.  With the integration of several digital platforms to share information between teachers and students, efficient communication between the students and their teachers has become difficult to manage.

Apps are programs on our phones that should be easy to use and extremely accessible. They can be used on any smartphone, which most members in the North Penn High School community have. These programs can be made into an Integrated Development Environment.

Students need an app that can combine safety data, schedules, Google Classroom, Wikispaces, Edmodo, and the teacher's online websites, to make it easier to access information. Students should be able to access homeaccess, schedules, homework, and school events from one place.  There are endless possibilities for features and information that could be added to the app, which can be easily updated.

Apps that have already been made are free, but most of their designs are poor and do not fulfill the needs of the North Penn High School community. The apps are buggy and donít support newer models. Our goal is to design an app that will be free, appealing to the eye, and easily accessible to students, but also easily editable by the teachers.

Problem Statement 1:

Existing applications are buggy, hard to use, and have limited features.

Problem Statement 2:

Students have trouble communicating information between them and their teachers.